The Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal has installed two weighbridges onsite for the weighing of import containers.



Two weighbridges are in operation at the Flinders Adelaide Container Terminal. Weighbridge 2 is suitable for Out of Gauge vehicles.

When Biosecurity is in operation, all vehicles will be directed to weighbridge 2.

Fees for weighbridge usage will be automatically billed on your fortnightly VBS invoice.

Class 4 weighbridges with
accuracy = ± 2% GVM at speeds of 5kmh.
Drivers are responsible for verifying compliance with any axle or gross mass limits for their vehicles

Please report any issues with the weighbridges to the VBS Clerk on 08 8248 9304.

Safety driving productivity

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As the container division of the Flinders Port Holdings group, we handle containerised imports and exports for South Australian businesses.

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